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Xuecong Ma

Xuecong is a final year PhD student in Chinese Studies at the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh. She completed her BA in English Language and Literature at Shandong University in 2009, followed by her MA in Interpreting and Translating at the University of Bath in 2010. She has been interested in cross-cultural topics since her undergraduate days, and her current project looks into a Republican-era Chinese intellectual group from a cross-cultural perspective. 


Xuecong’s research focuses on the “Crescent Moon School”, an intellectual group that was active in the 1920s/1930s China. Most members of this group were returned students from the U.K./ U.S., and their political and cultural agenda bore a strong Anglo-American imprint. The research therefore investigates the history of the group in the first place, looking into its various cultural practices including poetry, drama, literary criticism, publishing, and politics. And with a special interest in poetry, Xuecong studies the poetic works of this group on a close-reading basis. Through a textual analysis of poems, the study examines the influence of Anglo-American literary tradition on the Crescent Moon poetry. By looking into the cultural activities of the group, the research explores the core Crescent Moon spirit and reveals the unique role the group had played in the Republican intellectual history. 


2014, Tutorial teaching in “Modern East Asian History (B)” (Undergraduate class)
2014, Lectured a session in “Modern China in Literature and Film” (Undergraduate class)
2014, Lectured a session in “Literary Criticism and History in Modern China” (Postgraduate class)


2013, “Conservative or Modernist: A Reinvestigation into the Cultural Position of the Crescent Moon School from the Comparative Cultural Perspective”. The 6th Annual Conference of the China Postgraduate Network (CPN), University of Leicester. 


The China Scholarship Council/ University of Edinburgh Scholarship
The Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

other activities

2012-2013 Secretary and Conference Organiser of China Postgraduate Network (Now changed to British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies)