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Tian Gu

Tian is now a final year PhD student in Chinese Studies at the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh.

After graduating from Hebei University with the bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Tian studied at Beijing Language and Culture University for her first master’s degree in British and American Literature. In fall 2011 Tian was enrolled into the program of Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College London and gained her second master’s degree of arts. She started her research at the University of Edinburgh in September 2012.


The research experiences of Tian range from literary studies to cultural studies. She also has particular interests in East-West comparative literature and cross-cultural communication. Her current research is a detailed investigation of how the notion of the tragic has been introduced and interpreted from the Western intellectual context into modern Chinese literary discussions and writings from 1917 to 1949.


Tian’s research concentrates on the relationship between the discourse on one particular genre and the discourse on literature as a whole during the reception process of an alien concept and its influence on indigenous literature. It first examines how Tragedy was received in modern Chinese literary theories and practices, with special attention to the similarities and differences between the Chinese and Western interpretations of this concept; it then explores the possible factors that produced certain uniqueness of a modern Chinese tragic tradition, as well as the interplay among several cultural, social and political perspectives in affecting the Chinese construction of the notion of the tragic.


Tutor for Modern East Asian History B School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh (01.2015-03.2015, 01.2016-03.2016)