Research Students


Avital Avina

Visual Grammar of the Chinese Cultural Revolution Posters and Messages Concerning Female Perpetrated Violence

Chantal Bertalanffy

The Trauma of 3.11, Japanese Identity and the role of Japanese Cinema

Miguel Cesar

Life and Death Boundary Transgression in Japanese Contemporary Media

Silin Chen

The Disappearance of Melancholy Monsters in Chinese Cinema

Chunxu Ge

A comparative study of the fiction of Charles Dickens and Zhang Tianyi

Joern Peter grundmann

De 德 and the symbolization of a corporate politico-religious identity in early Chinese texts

Tian Gu

Negotiation and Instrumentalization – The Reception of the Tragic into Modern Chinese Literary Discourse, 1917-1949

Lingjie Ji

Re-defining and Re-mapping: Nineteenth-century British Sinologists’ Conceptions of Chinese ‘Literature’

Jing Jing

China-EU Relations Revealed in the Official Discourse (1995-2015): Mismatched Policies, Identities, and Ambitions

Hiu Man Keung

The Private Stage: A Study on Printed Drama by Modern Chinese Women Playwrights, 1922-1949

Zipeng Li

Chinese Social Media Discussion: A Chance to Influence the Disaster Policy? A Case Study on Social Media’s Impact on Policy Initiatives of Tianjin Explosion in China

Mingxiao Liu

Cultural re-adaptation of Chinese returnee students

Yixin Liu

Gendered Narratives and Stream of Consciousness in the Works of Two May Fourth Women Writers: Lu Yin and Yuan Changying

xuecong ma

Cultural Position of the Crescent Moon School from the Comparative Cultural Perspective

Roddy Mcdougall

The Discourse of the Global Financial Crisis in the Print Media

Beth Noble

The Yomiuri Indépendant and the avant-garde in the 1960s

Chienwei pan

After Hunger: Culinary Nostalgia in Taiwanese Literature and Culture, 1949-Present

Nathalie Phillips

The epistemological significance of meta-physical beliefs within the socio-political context of Heian Japan

Piotr Strzalkowski

Red Scare in China: Caricatures, Anti-Communist Propaganda, and the Foreign-Press in Interwar Shanghai 1924-1937.

Li Zou

Narrations of the human body in Chinese diasporic literature

Xiaozhuo Wang

A Chinese-style "China" or A Japanese-style "China": A ideological study on relation of Zhu Shunshui and Mito scholars in Edo Japan

Ziying Wang

City Diplomacy and the Expanding Role of Cities in China’s External Cultural Relations

Cheuk Wong

Canonizing Sanguo zhi yanyi