Piotr Strzalkowski

I am an AHRC funded PhD student in Chinese at The University of Edinburgh. I finished both BA and MA in History at The University of Warsaw. I studied and conducted research at Tsinghua University in Beijing as Chinese Government East Europe Scholarship recipient.



Red Scare in China: Caricatures, Anti-Communist Propaganda, and the Foreign-Press in Interwar Shanghai 1924-1937.

Cartoons serve as a prism for exploring the nature of Shanghailanders’ attitude towards communism in the context of the rapid development of the movement in and outside China between 1924 and 1937. Focusing on a small British colonial community in Shanghai, the study investigates the diverse representations and perceptions on formation of communism and attempts to provide general answers applicable to other Western colonies and semi-colonies. It will contribute to the scholarship in the studies of foreign communities in China, print press, visual culture, and communist history. By analysing the specific case of Shanghai in an interdisciplinary framework, a new perspective is brought to current debates within global history on: popularisation of ideas through visual culture, and press.

Talks and Conferences

„Brytyjskie nieformalne imperium w XIX w. Chinach” [British Informal Empire in 19th century China], Interdyscyplinarna studencko-doktorancka konferencja Na drodze do Imperium. Dzieje Wysp Brytyjskich od zarania do końca XIX wieku,  20-21 May 2016.

„Między Wschodem a Zachodem: Shanghai i Shanghailanderzy.” [Between West and East: Shanghai and Shanghailanders], V Ogólnopolska Interdyscyplinarna Studencko-Doktorancka Konferencja Naukowa „Między Wschodem a Zachodem, między Północą a Południem, Warsaw, 30-31 May 2016

Awards and Funding

  • AHRC
  • DTP

Chinese Government East Europe Scholarship 2014/2015