MSc in Chinese Society and Culture

About the programme

The MSc in Chinese Society and Culture (formerly the MSc in Modern Chinese Cultural Studies) provides postgraduates with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of Chinese Cultural Studies in the fields of theory, literature, media and film.

The courses in this programme have been designed to provide you with an understanding and familiarity with main theories and models from Cultural studies applied in current studies on modern Chinese culture as well as knowledge about how texts are produced and shaped by the Chinese media system.

Modern Literary studies are not restricted to close readings of literary texts but include looking at the historical, intellectual and cultural context in which these texts were produced, disseminated and read. The programme further offers a range of options to choose from in literature, contemporary media and film.

In addition, the programme will enable students who have taken a first degree in Chinese to increase their knowledge of modern Chinese culture in the context of current theories in cultural studies, literary criticism and media studies or business and politics. The core courses in cultural studies and research skills provide the basis for research, which is of particular interest to candidates wishing to proceed to research in modern Chinese studies or otherwise seeking to expand their knowledge of modern China. The option courses will develop skills and analysis, in literary and media criticism, in economics or political studies, and raise their standard of modern written Chinese.

The dissertation element develops skills in critical assessment and writing in an academic style and format.

This curriculum can be taken in preparation for independent research or further studies or can serve as a final degree.