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Jing Jing

JING Jing is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Asian Students at the University of Edinburgh. She completed her B.A. at the University of International Relations in Beijing 2010, followed by her first M.A. in Translation Studies in the same institute in 2013. She completed her second M.A. in China and International Relations (CIR) in the Department of Cultural and Global Studies, Aalborg University in Denmark. Her research now focuses on policy analysis in China-EU relations. 



Jing’s research investigates the mismatches of strategies, policy priorities, ideologies and identities of China and the EU revealed in their policy papers on each other. She is interested in what governments and institutions say and whether they have properly understood each other. She combines top-down approach which looks at China-EU relations in the world system and a bottom-up one which looks at the domestic source of China and the EU’s policy to each other. The research raises concern on how the lack of mutual understanding will influence the clashes between international actors. 


Chinese and Western Interpretations of China's "Peaceful Development" Discourse: A Rule-Oriented Constructivist Perspective, Journal of China and International Relations, 2014, Vol 2, No.1, https://journals.aau.dk/index.php/jcir/article/view/607/470

Conferences and Workshops


  •  “Soft Power Revealed in Chinese Top Leaders’ Speeches”, Aalborg University, Denmark
  •  “Reform of China's Foreign Diplomacy and Its Influence to EU-China Relations”, UACES, London
  •  “Repositioning of China and the EU in the World System: Changing Discourse, Diplomacy and Identities”, Joint East Asian Studies Conference, SOAS, London


  • “The Pragmatic Approaches in Sino=EU Relations: A Way Out?” China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference, Bristol University, UK
  • “Priorities and Approaches in EU-China Relations: Matching or Missing?” Dundee University, UK


  •  “Discourse-based Rule-oriented Perspective on Sino-EU Relations”, China Links Conference, China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference, Nottingham University, UK,
  • “Discourse Analysis in China-EU Relations: The Methodology”, LLC Colloquy, University of Edinburgh
  • “Critical Discourse Analysis and My Research”, Work-in-Progress, School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh


  • China Scholarship Council
  • LLC Postgrad Conference Travel Grant 2014
  • LLC Postgrad Conference Travel Grant 2016

Research Activities

  • Organiser for “LLC Writes”, the Structured Writing Day in LLC
  • College Heat, “Three Minutes Thesis” Competition, University of Edinburgh, 2016