University of Edinburgh Japanese studies Databases

The links below will take you to the University of Edinburgh library website.  Note that you may have to scroll to find the direct link to the database.

Asahi Shinbun Kikuzo

Access to the current issues as well as the complete archive of the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Also available are two weekly magazines, Aera and Shūkan Asahi, and an annual new-word dictionary Chiezō, Who’s Who Database, and Historical Photo Archive. For Asahi Shimbun, issues from 1985 to the present are available as full text; Pre-1985 issues back to 1879 when the newspaper was first published (as Osaka Asahi Shimbun) are available in facsimile format. The Historical Photo Archive contains more than 10,000 photographs, the majority ranging from before and after the Manchurian Incident to the period after the defeat in war.

Japan Times Archive

Founded in 1897, The Japan Times is the oldest English-language newspaper in Japan. It has been published to promote mutual understandings between Japan and other countries. This newspaper Includes unique articles which cannot be read in Japanese-language newspapers. The Japan Times Archives provides full-text access to issues from March 1897 to December 2013, and the Japan times Online includes articles from 1999 to present. Both resources are full text searchable.

Nikkei Telecom

Nikkei Telecom is an essential resource for various kinds of studies such as economics, politics, sociology and Japanese language. It gives access to a great number of Nikkei newspaper articles from 1975 to the present. The database also contains hundreds of daily news articles in English published by Nikkei Inc. and Dow Jones & Company Inc. An English Archive Search is available for Nikkei Asian Review and major Nikkei newspaper articles. In addition to news articles, Nikkei Telecom offers various aspects of business information related to Japanese economy, such as profile information of major Japanese companies, personnel information of executives, Nikkei's survey data, macroeconomic statistics, etc.

Yomidasu Yomiuri Rekishikan

Full text database of Yomiuri Shimbun, one of the most influential daily newspapers in Japan, from the first issue in 1874 to the present. The database also includes the English edition, The Daily Yomiuri, from 1989 to the present (by selecting ‘English’ on the upper right side of the homepage), as well as biographical information on some 26,000 people.

Japan Knowledge

Japan Knowledge is a portal to Japanese encyclopedias and dictionaries as well as databases for Japanese weekly journals and books. Contents include the Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan, Encyclopedia Nipponica, the Biographical Dictionary of Japan, Japanese-English/English-Japanese Dictionaries, Dictionary of Contemporary Words, Imidas (Innovative Multi-Information Dictionary), Shogakukan Unabridged Dictionary of the Japanese Language, Jitsu/Great Dictionary of Chinese Characters, Digital Dai-ji-sen Japanese Dictionary, Weekly Economist, Japanese Company Handbook, JK Who’s Who, and NNA Global Business News from Asia and Europe. Books include Toyo Bunko and Shogakukan Japanese Classical Literature.


Here is a list of major Japanese Studies journals.  Note that you will need to be logged into your ease account to access most of these journals.

Monumenta Nipponica

Monumenta Nipponica was founded in 1938 by Sophia University, Tokyo, to provide a common platform for scholars throughout the world to present their research on Japanese culture, history, literature, and society. One of the oldest and most highly regarded English-language journals in the Asian studies field, it is known not only for articles of original scholarship and timely book reviews, but also for authoritative translations of a wide range of Japanese historical and literary sources. 

The Journal of Japanese Studies

The Journal of Japanese Studies is the most influential journal dealing with research on Japan available in the English language. Since 1974, it has published the results of scholarly research on Japan in a wide variety of social science and humanities disciplines, as well as translations of articles from Japanese and substantive book reviews.

Japanese Studies

Japanese Studies is a fully refereed, international, interdisciplinary journal which publishes scholarly articles on various aspects of Japan, as well as book and film reviews. In addition to general non-thematic editions, the journal regularly publishies guest-edited thematic issues on such themes as postwar politics, environmental issues, literature, citizenship, the legal system, modern technology, management, Japanese language teacher education, and popular culture. These thematic issues are particularly valuable for university teachers and students who use up-to-date studies of Japan contained in the journal to supplement course readings. 


Social Science Japan Journal

Social Science Japan Journal (SSJJ) publishes high-quality, refereed scholarly articles on modern Japan. All social science disciplines (anthropology, economics, history, law, political science, and sociology) are represented, including studies of Japan’s international relations and comparisons with other countries. SSJJ’s substantial book review section contains reviews of English and Japanese language monographs on Japanese society. SSJJ occasionally publishes surveys of research materials and scholarly debates in Japan, as well as reviews of the current state of research on Japanese society in various countries. 

positions: asia critique

Offering a fresh approach to East Asia and Asian American studies, positions employs theoretical and multidisciplinary methods in creating a provocative forum for vigorous debate. Through expansive scholarly articles, commentaries, poetry, photo spreads, and political and philosophical debates, contributors consider a broad variety of pressing questions from a striking range of perspectives. Thematic issues of positions tackling new, often pathbreaking areas of concern—or traditional areas of concern from a fresh vantage point—are interspersed with general issues offering original scholarship that crosses disciplinary and topical boundaries. The breadth and pace of the journal ensure that readers are challenged as well as informed.

Japan Forum

Japan Forum, the leading European journal in the multidisciplinary field of Japanese Studies, publishes original research in subject areas ranging from archaeology, language, literature, philosophy and culture to history, economics, politics, international relations and law.

Contemporary Japan

Contemporary Japan (CJ) is the peer-reviewed biannual journal of the German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo (DIJ), published by De Gruyter. All issues of Contemporary Japan are available open access.  The international editorial board consists of distinguished Japan specialists from a broad array of disciplines. The managing editors are Japan experts working for the DIJ.  Contemporary Japan publishes in-depth, original work from all disciplines as they relate to contemporary Japan and her historical roots. Manuscripts which cross disciplinary boundaries and raise larger issues of interest are also welcome, as are research notes.

Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies

The electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies (ejcjs) is an international peer reviewed journal in the Social Sciences and Humanities that publishes academic research and scholarly writing on all issues related to contemporary Japanese society, economy, politics, literature, theatre, cinema, and culture.

Japan Focus

The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus is a peer-reviewed on-line publication providing critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific and the world. The Journal explores the geopolitics, economics, history, society, culture, international relations and environment of the modern and contemporary Asia-Pacific region.

Japanese websites

National Diet Library 'Birth of the Constitution of Japan'

The National DietLibrary's online exhibition "Birth of the Constitution of Japan" presents the major events and important documents involved in the framing and enactment of Japan's Constitution.The exhibition was updated on May 3, 2004 with the addition of 81 new documents and a new section of main issues.



The Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University, is a research institute specializing in labor and social issues.  In addition to its research activities, the institute serves as a library and an archive of books and primary materials related to labor and social issues.  The institute, founded in 1919, is one of the oldest research institutes in the fields of social science in Japan.  The institute took its name from its founder, Magosaburo Ohara, a business magnate from Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. In 1949, the institute became affiliated with Hosei University.

戦後学生運動 考察

A detailed timeline of the postwar Japanese student movement.  All in Japanese.

明大全共闘 学館闘争 文連

1969年から1972年までの明治大学における学生運動の資料を中心に紹介します。明大全共闘の結成からバリケードストライキ、機動隊導入、ロックアウト、 そして和泉と本校学生会館を巡るロックアウト解除の闘い、文化部連合会の活動など、あの時代、明治大学で何があったのか当時の資料や写真で見ていきます。

Contain a massive collection of primary documents relating to Japan's New Left Movement.  All in Japanese.