Chantal Bertalanffy

Chantal has a BA in Film and Media Studies from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (2009). The same year, she wrote her honours dissertation on “Auteurism, François Ozon and Queer Theory” and obtained a first class BA Hons. in Film. She attended The London Film School and graduated with a MA in filmmaking with her short film “Schwestern” (Sisters) in 2012. In 2014, she shot her short film “Junana” (Seventeen) in Japan. Subsequently, Chantal was signed by Berlin-Cologne-based production company Propellerfilm, with whom she is in development for her feature film project “JŪNANA” (based on her short film). In 2015, “JŪNANA” got selected to be part of the production development workshop “Ties that Bind” (as part of EAVE) in Udine (Italy) and Singapore. Currently, Chantal is in her first year for a phD in Japanese Studies at The University of Edinburgh. Chantal is of German and Japanese origin and is fluent in both languages. 


Chantal’s research investigates how post 3.11-cinema (referring to the date of the triple catastrophe of the earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Tōhoku in 2011) tries to explain, negotiate and reconcile the complexities of collective national trauma and its aftermath. By looking at trauma as a social construct, Chantal will examine how the trauma discourse has affected Japanese national identity and how this is indicative in films. She is particularly interested in looking at films which counter dominant ideological representations of what it means to be Japanese in the aftermath of the Tōhoku disaster.