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Avital Avina

Avital Avina is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She completed her B.A. in International Relations and Chinese Studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2010. Avital then went to Shanghai to teach English and continue her study of Chinese language and culture. In 2015 she completed an MSc at the University of Glasgow in Political Communication. Her research focus is Chinese propaganda and violent behaviour.


Avital’s research focuses on how images in propaganda posters were used to communicate with the population during the Cultural Revolution in China, particularly concerning female perpetrated violence. She is interested in not only the overt messages of the posters and images, but also their underlying construction as visual grammar. She combines propaganda theories, visual semiotics, and Chinese rhetorical usages to unpack the visual grammar of the posters while also looking at the occurrence of violence through memoirs and other records of female brutality. The research looks to construct a visual grammar of Cultural Revolution posters, analyse the messages of the CCP, as well as explore female violence during this tumultuous time period. 

Talks and Conferences

Attended ‘China’s Propaganda System: Legacies and Enduring Themes Conference’, University of Kent

Attended ‘Making the New World: The Arts of China’s Cultural Revolution’, Birmingham City University at Whitechapel Galleries London



2015/2016 Premodern East Asia (Tutorials)